Paid Search & Banner Management

We have spent the last several years working with independent local jewelers to achieve their goals online. We have:
  • Researched and tested over 34,000 keywords in 148 markets across the country.
  • Researched and tested over 4,000 website placements in 18 local markets and nationally.
  • Driven more than a half million visits to jeweler websites.
  • Written and designed more than 3,000 text and banner ads.
A more detailed account of our experience and the results of several years of testing can be found in our Independent Jeweler Online Marketing Report. We are dedicated to working with one jeweler per market - contact us today to reserve your market while we explore how to best achieve your online goals.

The two questions we receive most often are "What is Paid Search and Banner Management?" and "How does it work?"

Paid Search Advertising: Paid Search refers to the text ads that appear at the top and along the right hand side of search engine results (Google, Bing, Yahoo!). These ads are triggered by keywords that the user types into the search engine and you are charged only when someone clicks on your ad to view your website.

Banner Advertising: These larger image advertisements are placed on websites that your target customers are visiting. As with Paid Search, you are charged only when someone clicks on your ad in an effort to view your website.
There are a number of benefits to employing one or both of these online strategies:
  • Because you are only paying per click, you're guaranteed an increase in website traffic.
  • You decide how much budget to spend per month (Minimum of $500).
  • All aspects of these campaigns are personally managed; we control the search results that you appear on, we select the geographical location of the searchers, we research and manage the websites that your banner ads appear on.
  • With our included Website Management analysis, we can measure and report on the actual results of the campaigns we run and devote budget to the most high quality traffic.
  • The campaigns are tailored to your goals - whether that is increased site traffic, focus on a specific brand or product line, increased online sales, etc.

The graph below compiles the website traffic for our 8 longest standing active Independent Jeweler clients. As you can see, Paid Search & Banner Campaigns can be credited with doubling website traffic across recent months.