Web Development

Your website represents your brand. Every day, current and future customers view your website to find out more about your store and what you offer. This makes it extremely important to have current and up-to-date information on your website about your store, products, brands, sales, and events. For this reason, as a foundation to our traffic driving efforts, we offer website development and updating.

Whether we are involved in the development and updating of your site or not, we always provide you with expert website traffic analysis. Utilizing Google Analytics, we're constantly managing your online campaigns for the highest quality traffic and the most economical achievement of your goals. Using statistics such as average amount of time spent on site, average number of pages viewed, and percent of new visits we can evaluate how engaged visitors are and dedicate our budget accordingly.

NEW: We now offer the development of custom QR Codes. These codes can be used in direct mail, store flyers, banners, etc and, when read with a smartphone, they take people directly to your particular landing page.